Why foster a community of makers?

Makers are visionaries, innovators, leaders, kick starters, fixers, designers, engineers, do-it yourselfers, self-learners, artists, and architects. Inspiration for their creativity stems from a variety of places. Makers take their inspiration from their desire to fulfill a need, a want to make something better, or the inspiration can simply be prompted by the materials available to them or the environment surrounding them. It starts with a vision; a final goal in mind. Then a design. Testing to see what works and what needs fixing. Alterations. More testing. Does it work? What can be improved? They are constantly questioning their work and looking for ways to make improvements. Makers are never satisfied; they are wanting to make it faster, more compact, more efficient. Often times, the end result is completely different than what they envisioned. Sometimes, just when you think their process is finished, makers start over with a blank slate. Not because they have given up, but because they have developed a whole new way to approach the problem. 

More valuable than what is created is the experience. Makers problem solve, collaborate, negotiate, learn, share and most importantly inspire other to CREATE.

Come and create today at the Maker’s Fair from 11-3 at the Riverhead Charter School!

AuthorMiranda Milligan