Elementary & Middle School

At PCS, we encourage individuality by nurturing each child’suniqueness, while fostering community by embracing all of ourcommonalities.  We cultivate environmental stewards by exploring andcelebrating the North Fork’s farms, open spaces, beaches, andwaterways.   We expand our creativity by experiencing andengaging inthe arts.  And we prepare students for our changing world by empoweringthem to make wise, compassionate choices, to meet societal needs and togive back to the community. All the while students are actively engaging in their learning and achieving excellence in literacy, math, science,  and the humanities.

Recognizing that life is complex and always changing, and thatchildren are multidimensional and have diverse forms of intelligence, weapproach each child’s education individually, tailoring learningopportunities to their needs.

Sample Day

The school day is from 9am-3pm

Arrival & Morning Provocation
Morning Meeting
Project-based Learning
Discovery Block (Literacy or Math focus)
Lunch & Recess
Project-based Learning
Discovery Block (Literacy or Math focus)
End of day reflections, Clean up/Pack up & Pick-up



Download the Elementary Application (1st-6th) Application