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At Peconic Community School, we believe that education will make the world a better place. Our evidence-based approach allows experienced educators to implement creative curricula that fosters compassionate, creative, reflective, resilient learners. 

Place-based: A place-based approach uses the local community and environment to teach subjects across the curriculum emphasizing hands-on, real life experiences.

Integrated:  We promote authentic learning by exposing students to a range of disciplines - from math to music, science and literacy to language and movement. This approach recognizes integrating across the curriculum in  encourages creative thinking, enhances learning and increase sstudent success.

Multi-age: A multi-age classroom is a collaborative learning environment where the class is viewed as a learning community. Younger students learn from older students, and older students hone their skills as mentors for the younger students. Instruction is differentiated and learning varies from individual to small group to whole class frequently throughout the day.


Implementing a holistic model of education, we draw from the best theories and practices from the many respected educational alternatives and asserts that education must nourish the unique potentials of every child while honoring their varying backgrounds and contexts.  Those theories and practices include Reggio Emilia, Montessori, Waldorf, Democratic, & Progressive.