Lea Abrams
Teaching & Learning Consultant

Natalie Conroy
Middle & Lower Primary Learning Specialist                                                                 

Eileen DeCecco  
Middle Primary Facilitator & Special Education Coordinator                   

Megan Eilers  
Upper Primary Assistant & Documentation Coordinator                        

Jessica Falk
Middle & Lower Primary Learning Specialist                                                    

Paola A. Flórez  
Kindergarten Facilitator                                                                                    

Anna Fris
Art Facilitator                                                                                                           

Matthew Gardiner  
Music Facilitator                                                                                              

Don Garside
School & After School Program Aide                                                                   

Valerie Gatz
Early Childhood Facilitator                                                                                

Quincy Milligan  
Early Childhood Facilitator

Ashley Russo  
Lower Primary Facilitator & Math Coordinator

Rebekah Smith  
Wellness Facilitator

Sonia Spar  
Spanish Facilitator

Shannon Timoney  
Upper Primary Facilitator & Integrated Studies Coordinator


Administrative and Executive Staff




Maggie Kritsberg
Office Manager



Executive Directors

Kathryn Casey Quigley
Co-Executive Director

Liz Casey Searl
Co-Executive Director 



Board of Trustees