What Our Parents are Saying

"From the moment that we got involved with the Peconic Community School they have fostered and facilitated a total sense of participation in not only the educational process of our child, but in the development of the school itself. We work together with the teacher to build our son's character and intellect in ways that honor his personal interests and skills. We are included in the decisions that effect his daily routine. We are encouraged to spend time in the classroom, to be involved. Building relationships with our child's classmates and their families has come effortlessly through the comfortable atmosphere around the school and it's staff. It has truly been a beautiful and inspiring thing to see the women, and men, of the North Fork Education Initiative manifest such a wonderfully ambitious and necessary vision."

"We feel confident that there is a structure, stability and strength at the core of this school that is built on solid principles and a wholesome desire to provide children with the best possible opportunities for their growth. The fact that they have figured out a way to offer that structure and stability while remaining flexible only adds to their strength and potential. What an honor it has been to witness the results of so many years of hard work and perseverance. We are so deeply thankful and fortunate to have become a part of it, and to benefit from it. We were blessed... Right when Eliah needed it, the Peconic Community School began its inaugural year just a short 15 minute drive from our house. But I can honestly say that if this school had opened an hour away, Eliah would absolutely still be attending!"

What Our Students are Saying

"Mom, I love you almost as much as I love school." - student, age 7

"Please, please, pleeeaaase let me go to school." - student, age 8 (whose Dad kept him home because he was a bit sick)

"I wish I could go to school all summer!" - student, age 7