As a school with "Community" in its name, we are committed to involving those with the time, skills and interest in helping Peconic Community School flourish. Here are several ways you can join the effort:

1. Volunteer in the classroom. 

Whether it's a one time visit or a regularly scheduled session, everyone at PCS welcomes visitors who have skills, passion and experience to share in the classroom.  Please email us with some details if you are interested: info@northforked.org.

2. Volunteer behind the scenes. 

From events to fundraising to management, we are always looking for people who have skills and time to devote to a growing local nonprofit. Please email us to see how you can help: info@northforked.org.

3. Make a donation

It can be hard to find the time to get involved on a regular basis. But a donation- of any kind and size makes a huge difference to our learning community. You can donate here, or learn about what kind of items we need here.

3. Not sure yet? 

Join our mailing list and find us on Facebook.  Perhaps an idea will come to you, or soon enough we'll ask for something and you'll be able to help!