The tradition of Morning Gathering

Every Monday morning at 9am, our entire school community - students, teachers, administrators, parents, siblings, grandparents and visitors- gather together for Morning Gathering. Every gathering follows a familiar rhythm: students welcome all and commence the gathering and the week by ringing a bell. They also invite announcements or sharing from anyone in the room and choose student community helpers for the week. Oftentimes, students or parents will present their work, read a story, play music, or share a skill. The gathering usually ends with the whole school singing together, led by our music teacher. This beautiful tradition is an essential part of our community and serves many purposes: It ensures consistent communication with the community to know what's happening within the school and keeps us feeling connected- families to school, school to families. It also grounds us in the space together, provides us with a reliable, predictable routine to transition into the week, and reminds us we are a unit, no matter the disparate places from which we have come or traveled over the weekend.

Kathryn QuigleyComment