PCS Invention Convention -- Coming Soon!

Announcing: The First Ever PCS Invention Convention

PCS students will share inventions, as well as the processes that lead to their creation, in our first ever PCS Invention Convention, May 30th, in the Community Room at PCS from 2 to 3pm.

Upper Primary presents: The Invention Convention, a comedy in two acts.

Upper Primary explains the steps for creating an invention for PCS's first Invention Convention.

Typically, PCS hosts a more traditional Science Fair in May, showcasing students’ use of the scientific method to answer research questions. But this year, Upper Primary students wanted to do something different. With the help of their facilitator, Mrs. Timoney, UP decided that this year students will utilize an Invention Process to solve problems they identify in the community.

Participation is again mandatory for Upper and Middle Primary students, but this year it is also open to Lower Primary and Kindergarten students who are interested in trying out the Invention Process outlined by Upper Primary.

Upper Primary pitched the idea via student-written and produced skits at our First Friday gathering.

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