early childhood at pcs

A time of playful exploration for the earliest learner. 


Early Childhood at PCS
The EC program offers experiential, hands-on, multi-sensory learning opportunities.  The environment and materials are chosen to support both imaginative play and meaningful work (and any combination thereof!). 


The Early Childhood program is open to children who will be three years old by September 1st of the enrollment year.  All children must be potty trained.  

Early Childhood Program

Monday- Friday, 9am-12pm.  

Families may choose a  2-day, 3-day, 4-day or 5-day/week options of their choosing. Schedules must remain consistent once enrolled.

Sample Day

9:00      Arrival & Morning Provocation (examples: painting, clay, blocks, puzzles, sensory bins)

9:30      Morning Meeting & Circle Time (includes daily schedule, books, songs, and storytelling)

10:00     Snack

10:15     Integrated Explorations/ Play/Integrated Specials, such as Music and Spanish

11:00    Outside time/movement

11:45.    End of Day Reflections and Salutations

12:00   Half-day Pick-up


Stay & Play

Monday-Friday, 12-3pm

In order to respond to busy families who need full-day care, PCS offers  a Stay & Play program for families that are enrolled in the EC program.   The afternoon consists of lunch from home, rest, recess and free play.


Early Childhood at PCS is a time of exploration for our earliest learners.  Facilitators balance intentional provocations with open-ended opportunities for exploration and play.  Investigations of the natural world (especially our local habitats) encourage engagement of the five sense.  These grounding, investigative experiences are balanced with flights of the imagination: magic and wonder abound in Early Childhood, with daily opportunities for make believe and dramatic play.  Children’s innate sense of wonder – a precursor to more formal inquiry -- is kindled in a literature-rich and intentional environment.

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Social emotional learning and community building are major components of the PCS Early Childhood program.  Children are introduced to relationship building skills, self-regulatory strategies, and a shared set of community values (including compassion, empathy, and patience), and are afforded the time and the space to work with these concepts authentically in a safe and supportive environment.

Above all, children are encouraged to play and to explore; to engage and to inquire.