Our Vision

Education for our world.


We believe that the goal of education should be to make the world a better place.  

In our conversations about education with parents, colleagues, education professionals, and even politicians, we realized that there’s not agreement -- in this country and in our educational system – about why we’re educating children in the first place.

What is the ultimate goal of a school?

When we set out to open a school, we knew this was the question we needed to answer first.  This was our starting point:

By the time they graduate, students should be better prepared to change the world – to make it better.  

And, what does this mean?  How do you prepare children to take on a world with ever shifting challenges, technologies, landscapes, and opportunities?  

We believe that children need to learn how to know the world and to know themselves.  We think that no matter the time or the circumstances, we need learners, people, who are resilient, reflective, and compassionate.  And so, with these qualities as our goals – rather than scores on a test or the repetition of facts -- we set about creating an education that fosters resilience, reflection, and compassion in learners.

Now, years after that vision was born, we see it being realized in our graduates each June: students who are not only prepared for Junior High, but who know how to care for their environment and their community, how to tackle challenging questions, and how to get back up after a failure.

We invite you to read more about our approach and our programs, and welcome any contribution to our goal of changing the world through education.


diversity, equity and justice at peconic community school

Diversity Statement

Peconic Community School is committed to building an educational community that recognizes, welcomes, and values diversity of race, ethnicity, socio-economic background, gender, religion, sexual orientation, physical appearance, learning style, family structure, upbringing, perspective, and ideology. 
PCS recognizes the tremendous benefits that a diversity of identities, perspectives, and experiences brings to the learning process. And it is a fundamental belief in the profound value of an equitable, inclusive society that inspires the school’s approach to community building. 
In its mission and its practices, Peconic Community School strives to foster the understanding, insight, care, and courage that empower students to relate to all people with compassionate respect and to effect positive change in our local and global communities. 
Peconic Community School is committed to diversifying the school community, including the board of trustees, the teachers and staff, and the students through targeted recruitment and non-discriminatory practices.



Learn more about Peconic Community School's mission, vision and approach in this brief film.