Are our PCS teachers worth $2 a month?

Spoiler alert: The answer is yes

The PA asks that each family donate $20 for the academic year—or $2 a month—for our PA Giving Plan budget line that benefits our beloved PCS teachers. 

The PA’s purpose is to support PCS both financially and in terms of assisting when PCS staff need more hands on deck to get their good work done in a timely fashion. 

One of the financial pieces is a teacher gift. Last spring, for example, we organized an all-school teacher appreciation brunch. In addition to donating wonderful food and hosting the event, during which students gifted their teachers with notes of gratitude, the PA gave each teacher a $75 gift card. 

In addition, the PA purchased an SLR camera for the school to avoid teacher use of their personal cameras for school events. 

By asking for one $20 donation now, we hope to avoid having to hit you up for lots of little donations all year long. Here's how to contribute:

  • Put your $20 cash or check (payable to PCS) in an envelope clearly marked "PCS Teachers Gift" and place it in the PA wicker basket in Maggie's office (it's behind her first office door on top of a file box). Right now it's marked Hot Eats for the lunch program if you mark your envelope "PCS Teachers Gift," we'll make sure it's directed to that cause. 

Thank you! We know our teachers are worth every penny! 

Cynthia TveliaComment