What's cooking in the PA? HOT EATS!

Chicken soup is just one of your Hot Eats lunch options!

We are sponsoring a trial hot lunch program! That's right: You can opt to have a hot lunch delivered to PCS for your children. This helps ensure your kids receive a filling, warm meal and helps you better manage your busy mornings.

Not that I would know anything about * cough * hectic * cough * mornings.

If the trial goes well, we will do Hot Eats on Fridays--and may even offer it up to twice per week in the future. Here’s the scoop: 

  • The trial date is Friday, October 28. The menu is chicken nuggets, applesauce, and apple juice.
  • Cost is $5 per meal as described below. Lighthouse delivers one single meal each time for all the children (but can manage some modifications such as vegan options).
  • Lighthouse Deli will deliver the lunches to PCS in time for lunch. 
  • Every lunch comes with a sealed plastic fork, spoon, and napkin. 
  • Every lunch comes with one of the following sides that will be alternated and best matched to the meal:

Carrot sticks
Cape Cod potato chips 

  • Here are the Hot Eats lunches: 
  1. Organic chicken nuggets 
  2. Turkey sandwich on whole wheat 
  3. Penne pasta vodka (vegan can be plain pasta or with tomato sauce) 
  4. Grilled cheese 
  5. Chicken noodle soup 
  6. Pasta and meatballs (vegan can be no meatball) 

If you’d like to try out Hot Eats, use the green envelope we sent home on Monday, 10/17 in your children’s lunch boxes to submit your $5 per meal (cash or check payable to PCS) by October 25. Return the form in the envelope to the designated basket in Maggie’s office (there's an extra basket in the EC classroom to help parents of the youngest kids).

Questions? Contact Gretchen: 631-766-2177. 

Cynthia TveliaComment