Lantern Walk brings beautiful, affirming points of light into the darkness

The children's lights were faint, but they were there and they shone. Their voices were soft, but they sang with warmth.

The PA's Lantern Walk, on a crisp November 10 at Downs Farm Preserve, brought small, beautiful, affirming points of light into the dark autumn evening. 

The PCS children had constructed paper lanterns using colorful tissue paper, watery glue, and balloons. Using a simple wire and long sticks, the lanterns became ready for a small electric candle or, for upper primary students, a flame candle. 

During the lovely, quiet stroll through the woods, the children sang a version of the traditional German song "I Go With My Lantern" graciously taught to them by Emily Paccasassi.

The PA is also grateful to Emily for donating all of her lantern kits from German and for working with the children as they crafted their lanterns. The PA is equally grateful to Holly Maran for bringing gorgeously decorated glass lanterns and helping to set up at Downs Farm Preserve as well as to our own Gretchen Renner for all the time spent crafting lanterns and for bringing the post-walk treats for our kids.

If your child didn't take home a lantern on November 10--we know some parents left quickly in the face of bedtime--but wants one, we have the extras and you'll be able to pick one up at school this week. 

Cynthia TveliaComment