Five reasons why children benefit from yoga

Our yoga sports sampler on Friday, October 28, was a hit! 

The Parent Association thanks Tara McAndrews, certified yoga teacher, who is sister of new PCS Brooke Nichols (mom of the lovely Autumn and Juliet in our middle primary and upper primary classrooms). 

The children thought it was terrific--and they don't even know the numerous benefits of yoga!

Tara introduced the children to yoga by talking about breathing and leading them through a series of poses. We are grateful to Tara for sharing her time and expertise with our children, as yoga offers some wonderful benefits for children: 

  1. It emphasizes the mind-body connection. Yoga encourages mindfulness in a hectic world, so as children slow down and zoom in on what their bodies are doing, this can help them become aware of the interconnectedness of their physical and mental/emotional selves. 
  2. It enhances physical flexibility and strength by engaging various muscle groups in new ways. 
  3. It improves balance and coordination. Balancing poses are a key element of yoga and can help children improve their posture.
  4. It helps develop focus and concentration, as children are invited to clear their minds and focus on a particular pose. Holding a yoga pose helps children relax (adults sometimes forget that our children's lives can be stressful).
  5. It can boost self-confidence. Yoga requires patience and perseverance as children work toward mastering various poses. 

Thank you again to Brooke for coordinating this on behalf of our PCS kids and to Tara for her time, expertise, and patience. Brava! 

Cynthia TveliaComment