PCS students show hustle and heart at sports sampler: soccer!

On Friday, November 4, you know your kids just wanted to get on that field and RUN, but they didn't do so without first learning about the importance of stretching and warming up.

After stretching, jumping jacks, and burpees, the children followed coach Stephen Searl and assistant coach Owen Searl outside to the back lawn for a warm-up lap and then they got down to business with some smart soccer drills.

The drills included simple passing-the-ball moves, drilling around cones, shooting for the goal, and using one's body--not hands! that's the hardest part for kids--to block and take control of the ball.

Finally, the children were divided into two groups based on age and we played a few good games of soccer! 

Parents packed up their kids all rosy cheeked and out of breath but, we hope, happy!

The PA wishes to thank Stephen Searl and Owen Searl for their time and talents. Great job out there--and no sports-related injuries. YAY! 

Cynthia TveliaComment