Grow a library with birthday books

In keeping with PCS's belief in educating the whole child, the PA also works to help your children grow in many ways as well, such as physically (sports samplers), nutritionally (Hot Eats), emotionally and socially (PJ parties), and intellectually (Grow a Library).

About the latter: On the first Monday morning gathering of each month, PCS celebrates all of the student birthdays for that month with a special birthday song. To complement that, the PA invites the birthday boys and girls to identify a book they love that their parents might be willing to donate to the PCS library.

The child is invited to sign their special book and to read from it during the morning gathering (if time permits). 

This is a wonderful way to not only help grow the PCS library but also to grow our children's love of reading. If the books are selected by children, we know that they're sure to be hits with their classmates!

So if your child has a birthday coming up, have a conversation about which of their most beloved books they might like to donate to PCS to help us Grow a Library!

Cynthia TveliaComment