No stretch to imagine your kids will flip for gymnastics!

After school on Thursday, December 15 (3 to 4 pm), PCS parents Holly Maran and Dani Rodger will introduce our children to the basics of gymnastics. This is a popular Sports Sampler, so reserve a space for your child right away!

Benefits of gymnastics for children include improved motor skills, coordination, and balance as well as muscle strength endurance, and power. It's well known that gymnastics boast outstanding strength-to-weight ratios! 

This is the third Sports Sampler the PA is offering this fall season as part of our ongoing commitment to encourage our children to stay happy, healthy, active, and strong.

If you have suggestions for Sports Samplers--and, better yet, know someone who could volunteer their time and talents--for the remainder of the 2016-2017 school year, please let us know!

Cynthia TveliaComment