Hot Eats menu for January to June

The Parent Association is happy to announce that the Hot Eats program is expanding to two days a week due to parental request. 

The Hot Eats menu set up as a calendar is available here and was emailed to parents on December 16. If you'd like to participate in this program, here's how:

  1. Print one monthly calendar each per child and write your child's name at the top (e.g., if ordering for two children, print two pages each month). You can order and pay each month or for multiple months at a time.
  2. Circle your specific meal choices on each date.
  3. Return your payment--$5 per meal as cash or check/money order payable to PCS--and all calendars to the Hot Eats basket in Maggie's office by the due date as designated for each month. Envelopes are by the basket if you need them.
  4. Remember that on the days your children get Hot Eats, they need to bring utensils and water bottles to school as well as their regular snack. 


Cynthia TveliaComment