Sports Sampler: Team Building - Fri, 4/7, 3-4 pm

As part of his work as a school social worker/drug and alcohol counselor for Northport-East Northport Schools, Anthony Ferrandino (parent of Andrew in MP) does team-building exercises with his students.

This Friday, April 7, from 3 to 4 pm, he'll be donating his time, talents, and team-building toys so PCS kids to experience some awesome collaborative activities that'll have kids enacting critical 21st century skills like collaboration, trust, and empathy. The cost is $10 per child, payable at the time of the event. 

KQED’s Mind/Shift feature last November reported that “empathy holds the key to transforming 21st century learning,” noting that team-building activities are one good way to help children (and adults!) develop and further apply their empathy. Writing for Mind/Shift, Thom Markham asserts

Empathy underlies collaboration
As social-emotional learning becomes more necessary to help students navigate life and work, empathy is getting more popular by the day, for good reason: Empathy lies at the heart of 21st century skillfulness in teamwork, collaboration and communication in a diverse world. Speaking or listening to someone without radiating empathy narrows the channel of communication or blocks connection altogether. Particularly in the new reality of a global world, without empathy you’re not ready to engage the 21st century, either in the workplace or across cultures. It has to be taught, practiced and coached.

One method by which we can teach students to better empathize with one another is through team-building exercises.

Anthony, of course, will select activities appropriate for MP and UP students. The goal will be to help the children learn how to communicate with one another, how to read one another’s emotions and abilities, and how to work together toward a common goal.

The photos above show MP students Kai Tvelia and Andrew Ferrandino and LP student Micah Tvelia doing some team-building activities with their Lego League Jr. team on March 5. These are similar to the types of activities Anthony will do with PCS children on April 7.

Cynthia TveliaComment