3 easy ways to pitch in at PCS

Want to help out at PCS but your time is tight?

Want to help out at PCS but your time is tight?

We get it! We all feel stretched too thin at times. But we know that you know small schools like PCS need lots of helping hands to make it the best possible learning environment for our children.

Here are three easy ways to pitch in that won't make your calendar groan under the weight of yet. another. thing. to. do. Pick one and let Liz or Kathryn know that you’re ready to pitch in!

  1. Maintain and clean fish tanks.
  2. Maintain and water indoor and outdoor plants. 
  3. Assist with mailings (twice in November as well as in April and June).

We'd be remiss if we didn't give a shout out to two PCS parents who have already taken two items of our list: 

Please join us in saying THANK YOU to

  • Donna Burrell, who has volunteered to keep an inventory of your children's much loved and heavily used art supplies. 
  • Holly Maran, who has volunteered to manage the compost bins at PCS. I don't know if you've heard, but our kids LOVE their gardens and LOVE composting. 

Every helping hand keeps PCS moving in the right direction! 

Cynthia TveliaComment